About Headlice Hero

Fontainebleau Holdings

Fontainebleau Holdings is an Australian family company founded in 1990. All our products are proudly Australian made. We have a range of premium products that are distributed through supermarkets and pharmacies as well as direct to trade. All of our products have been developed by our expert Technical Department, headed by a highly qualified Product Development Director, a Pharmacist who has held professional and technical roles in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and hair care.


One of our biggest brands is StainGo, a Total Stain Remover, conveniently available in supermarkets.

StainGo Travel is an airline friendly, concentrated formula in a small format travel bottle with safety cap, retailed through duty free retail stores.


SheerMagic is a professional stain remover used by high-end fashion houses and a number of prominent Australian residences.

Headlice Hero

Headlice Hero is a treatment for head lice. Our passion is about healthy, beautiful hair.

For more information regarding any of our products or our company, please look around our website or contact us.